Iowa State college trip

I had a little fun there, the best part was getting to know everything and learning new things and the cool stuff you can do there, I kinda would like to go there when i grow up. It seems fun! Besides the fact you don’t get any snow days you have to go there every single day,i had fun because i got to hangout with people i didn’t know and i just met.Its nice there there is big big buildings. I would get lost if i was by my self. it looks scary to be there alone so i feel bad for any janitors that wok there. I got to go with my best friend so that was cool other wise i would of been quiet the whole time because I don’t have any other friends.It seems like you could have lots of fun there because they do a lot of cool games to do outside.They hang up ha-mics and everything! I think its a pretty cool college for young teenagers to go there and do the best they can. You would meet a lot of new friends witch would be cool if you don’t have a lot of friends, like me!   The only boring part was when we went to the 3D thing with the airplane and stuff.

what i did this spring break

This spring break was pretty fun besides the drama, there wasn’t that much drama but there was some but  we all talked about it and worked it out, I hung out with my friends everyday, I would wake up about 10, get up and get ready an leave or they would come over there to my house, I thought it was gonna be nice most of the time but it snowed and it was cold out so we didn’t really stay out side that much, now that I think about it we could of done more fun things. We didn’t really do much because it was cold out and didn’t want to freeze so we stayed inside trying to figure out what we should do that day.

We went to some places, we went to some peoples houses and walked around on the nice days. We had fun talking more then we had fun doing things. i’m glad I have good friends to be with. If i didn’t have them I would have nothing to do at all. They are the only people I hang out with. I don’t talk to anyone but them. There like my family i can tell them anything and do anything around them. so I had a pretty good spring break




Every Thanksgiving I eat chicken. that’s mainly all we eat besides mac-and-cheese and a whole bunch of other stuff, i eat chicken on a daily bases to but its mostly when i’m with my dad he will cook it out of no where and everyone will just show up like he planned it all out! And i don’t even know about it till later. Chicken is probably the third best food because it goes mac-and-cheese, pizza , and then chicken, i only like chicken wings with like barbecue sauce or honey mustered type thing. There is another type of chicken that’s called orange chicken and its smaller than regular chicken and kinda sweeter. there are more types of chicken like

  1. Arroz con Pollo With Apples
  2. Chicken Marsala
  3. Chicken Sandwiches With Melted Cheese
  4. Chicken Stir-Fry
  5. Chicken Stroganoff
  6. Chicken With Parmesan, Garlic, and Herb Crust
  7. Coconut Chicken and Rice
  8. Curried Chicken With Pears
  9. Garlic Roast Chicken
  10. Grilled Chicken Parmesan
  11. Individual Chicken Potpies
  12. Mediterranean Chicken
  13. Pan-Roasted Chicken With Lemon-Garlic Green Beans
  14. Quick Chicken Curry
  15. Roast Chicken With Olives, Garlic, and Thyme
  16. Rosemary-Garlic Chicken
  17. Satay Chicken Stir-Fry With Snow Peas and Cilantro
  18. Sautéed Chicken With Sweet Potatoes and Pears
  19. Slow-Cooker Chicken With Bacon, Mushrooms, and Onions
  20. Southern Indian Chicken Curry


someone who passed away

someone who has passed away in my family is my uncle he was really close to me. Actually really close to our family. I miss him so much, the day he passed was the worst day of my life, he was my everything, he was always there for me when i needed something, another person who passed is my great grandmother she lived to the age i think 91, im not for sure but she was the same way always there for me i loved her with all my heart and still do. I miss them more and more everyday,she was a very healthy woman and she was still walking at 91 years and talking great and then one day i went to the store and came back and she was gone i was so upset with myself because i left i knew i shouldn’t of but i didn’t know she was going to be gone when i came back! i hated myself because i wasn’t there when she passed.She loved our family very much she would give you anything or at least try to give you what you wanted.We didn’t always have everything in life. We have videos of us younger with her on Christmas and Easter and them holidays.

speak up

i wanted to speak to you guys about bulling. I know that bulling is bad and it needs to stop, nobody wants to get bullied it sucks.We don´t like bullies at all, we want to get them out of our school.People have been committing suicide just because one person said something.One word CAN hurt other people you all need to know that one tiny word can change someones life just like that.If you didn’t know that you do now. STOP THE BULLING!!! keep you heads held high, don’t let anyone tear you down you guys are strong! if someone is bulling you, you tell the teacher or a parent right away so we can stop it. Don’t just let it keep going on, we want you with us not no where else. just walk away when he/she starts to say mean things to you. they are only bulling you because either  they got/get bullied or they are trying to act cool in front of there friends. And we all know its not cool to bully. We are all still young we all want to live our life’s to the fullest. We don’t want you guys to end it. Ignore what people say they are just hating on you. And the bullies that are reading this I hope you learned something cause it took me forever to think about what to write………IF YOU AIN’T GOT NOTHING NICE TO SAY DON’T SAY NOTHING AT ALL!!!! stop the bulling, you are ruining peoples life’s…..Don’t end them live them.. we are here to help you can speak to us anytime anywhere and we will stand there and listen to every word you want to say, just so we can help you get that bully out of your life your life would be perfect if that bully ain’t there, kick em out!         BULLIES SUCK!!  Continue reading